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YouR xPert

Expert consultation at your fingertips

YouR xPert is a service that allows your company to reach out to the expert, or panel of experts, you want to quickly seek regulatory advice on a complex promotional topic, or to validate a position your organization has taken. We can also benchmark across your industry peers to gain confidential, anonymized input on the topic you are vetting.

Some guidance for planning to schedule a YouR xPert advice session:

Provide materials to YouR xPert in advance of your scheduled call via upload

Be prepared to discuss the topic during the initial part of the discussion with YouR xPert

Billed time includes review of materials you may provide in advance of the call with YouR xPert as well as the time on the call with YouR xPert, and any agreed to follow-up activities you would want YouR xPert to conduct for you.

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